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Recommendation of a suitable trainer for your racehorse and ongoing liaison and management. Our knowledge of the racing programmes in Europe and USA enables us to select a trainer that can maximise the potential of your horse.

In association with the trainer we devise a racing programme that suits the ability of your racehorse. We endeavour to maximise the commercial value of stock. We compile training and racing reports for clients and assist them in the placement and marketing of their racehorses.

We advise clients on the placement of insurance to ensure that the policy meets the needs of the client. We have access to expert advise in the complex world of insurance and can arrange to have policies specifically tailored for our clients needs.

We arrange the marketing and sale of bloodstock to world wide markets and endeavour to obtain the best possible results for our clients. Sales are conducted in a professional manner and confidentially is assured between both parties.

We advise vendors as to the most suitable European bloodstock sales for foals, yearlings, broodmares and racing stock in order to realise their maximum commercial potential. We provide assistance and advise re sales marketing, promotion, reserves etc. We can advise and recommend sales consignors for vendors.

We supply updates and stastical information on racing and breeding matters related to your bloodstock in order that you are fully acquainted with the present market trends and value of your bloodstock.

We can advise clients as to suitable boarding stud farms in Ireland, England, France and USA that can provide professional care of your breeding stock. On our clients behalf we liase with the stud farms and provide management reports.

We can advise and recommend experiencied legal and accounting practices to provide professional advise on taxation, bloodstock companies, partnerships etc.

We arrange worldwide transport from studs, sales and racecourses. Care and safety of your horse is of the utmost importance to us and we endeavour to ensure that your horse arrives in prime condition. We offer advise re quarantine, import and export requirements

We can offer clients who wish to acquire a stud property in Ireland a fully informed opinion as to what properties will be suitable for their needs. We can provide details of the successful horses bred and raised on these properties as well as their reputation in the bloodstock industry.

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